Servar global proyects


The experience we have acquired in developing Key-In-Hand Projects has allowed us to develop all the project’s planning phases. Offering an overall service allows us to maintain quality and professionalism in all stages, and to always meet delivery dates

Our services are divided into four areas:
1. Searching for land 
2. Project design: Project management 
3. Planning and undertaking: Constructor managment
4. Maintenance: Facility managment


Projects and legalisation processes of our engineering and architecture study.

Interior decoration project.

Evaluation of and commitment to deadlines and guarantees of work.

Legalisation processes and managing the formalities to open your business.

Turn-key works.

Our own all-round team.

Machinery and top quality equipment.

Design and own production of furnishings (no intermediaries)

Online programming system to follow-up all your works.

Implementing corporate brand images, lettering and signs, lighting, etc.

Visual merchandising, and the study and analysis of the place of business.

Consultancy and management of the best location for your business.

Online customer access with a digital file of all technical documents.

Corrective maintenance, attention every 3, 24 and 48 h /365 days of the year.

Preventive maintenance, frequent checks of installations according to current legislation.

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